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Qualified and Experienced staff
Most of Beth Academy's Staff and Lead Teachers have degrees in Elementary Education or Early Childhood Development with many years of experience and training.

Parent Involvement
We place strong emphasis on parent communications, parent feedback, and parent involvement for each child. Daily reports go to each child from their teacher on their activities, events and progress. Parent/Teacher conferences are conducted a regular basis and parents participate on all special events and Holidays.

Parent Involvement
Beth Academy has a developmentally appropriate program that is challenging, stimulating and meets the needs of infants through pre-K students. Inquisitive, eager to explore and brimming with possibility, your child has a natural love for learning and discovery. At Beth Academy, we believe that is something you should nurture and encourage. Manipulatives, puzzles, games and art materials stimulate hands-on learning experiences. Shapes, colors, numbers, letters and phonemic awareness are woven throughout the day, every day, to give children a strong foundation. Our program encourages the development of readiness skills through storytelling, literature-based activities, real language experiences, math manipulatives, science and discovery experiments, free-form art, outdoor challenges and other hands-on activities.

Based on decades of experience and a thorough understanding of the latest scientific breakthroughs in early childhood development, Beth Academy provides children with a strong social, emotional and academic foundation for a lifetime of success

Competitive Tuition Rates
Our tuition rates are very competitive with childcare centers and preschools in the area, and our classrooms are generally full. We recommend that you look into pre-enrolling your child, if you are interested in becoming a part of the Beth Academy program.

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